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1. Peter Bartlett- The Fearless Leader (Hotel Manager)

Peter’s years in hospitality combined with exceptional leadership skills and unwavering determination have propelled The Orchard Hotel to new heights. He has recently joined the team after working for large brands like Hilton Hotels. He oversees all the events in the East Midlands Conference Centre as well as looking after the daily running of the Orchard Hotel that is situated next door.

He keeps a close eye on event feedback to identify where we could possibly improve next time and deals with any issues that may arise. Peter fearlessly guides our team towards our vision while fostering a supportive and inspiring work environment.

  1. Ding Sing Yu- The Operations Maestro (Meeting & Events Manager at East Midlands Conference Centre)

Ding keeps operations in the conference centre running like a well-oiled machine. Her experience of working in the Bramleys restaurant has helped her understand our guests’ needs. With a keen eye for efficiency and a knack for problem-solving, she streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and ensures that everything operates seamlessly on an event day.

She manages a large team where she is genuinely invested in their development and training. Ding’s ability to balance multiple moving parts is instrumental in our day-to-day success.

  1. Laura Caunt- The logistical wizard (Senior Sales & Events Executive)

Laura is the friendly face behind our commitment to exceptional customer service. She is there to help you plan your event from start to finish, as well as overseeing a small events team. She is there to ensure everything is organised and the BEO that gets sent to the operations team includes everything required to make the event successful. Liaising with the chefs, operations team, sales and sometimes marketing, she is the main point of contact for many of our events.

With her empathetic nature and strong communication skills, she strives to create meaningful connections with our clients, ensuring that their needs are not only met but exceeded. 

  1. David- The Master of food (Executive Chef)

David recently joined our team after working for multiple hotels. He manages the kitchen team to ensure all the food for your event is prepped and to a high standard. He can create bespoke menus to suit themes, occasions and any client need.

He has lots of ideas on how to provide a memorable stay for our guests at Nottingham Venues (watch this space) and has introduced lots of new menus! He is a master of all things food and a supportive leader.

  1. Lesley- The host extraordinaire (F&B Manager at Jubilee Hotel and Conferences)

Lesley is another one of our fearless leaders, she ensures every meeting and conference at our Jubilee Hotel runs smoothly. You will often see her pushing around her trolley setting up refreshment stations and delicious food for event delegates.

Her background in food and running her own pub has helped her understand customers’ needs and the importance of customer service. She oversees our café spokes, ensuring the team is fully trained and well-equipped.

  1. Elliott Browne- The inspiring leader (Emerging Leader)

There are a group of people who joined our emerging leader programme and Elliott is one of them. He works with Ding to ensure events run as smoothly as possible on an event night. He will be there to oversee the team during preparation, set up, at the event and tidying away.

  1. Libby Wain- The Numbers Whisperer (Financial Controller)

Behind every successful event and organisation lies a meticulous financial expert, and for us, that’s Libby. As our Financial Controller, she skilfully manages our financial resources, optimising budgets and ensuring sustainable growth. With her sharp analytical mind and a keen eye for detail, Libby keeps our financial health in check.

  1. Suzie Adams- The People’s Person (Director of HR)

Suzie plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. As our HR Director, she is passionate about recruiting top talent and creating an environment where every team member can thrive. She instils our company values into others and ensures they are followed through when members of the team are speaking, helping, or dealing with a client.

Suzie’s approachable demeanour and exceptional interpersonal skills make her the go-to person for all matters related to our most valuable asset: our people.

These remarkable individuals represent just a fraction of the exceptional team that makes Nottingham Venues thrive. Each member brings their unique expertise, passion, and dedication, forming a powerful collective that makes our events successful. Together, we are determined to revolutionize our industry and leave a lasting impact.

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce you to more of our incredible team members, each with their own story of success and inspiration. At Nottingham Venues, the possibilities are endless, and our team’s commitment to excellence is unwavering.

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