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Choose Green Venues: Setting the Foundation 

The first step toward hosting an eco-friendly event is selecting a sustainable venue. Choose venues like our hotels and conference centre that have opted for green initiatives, such as energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction programs and sustainable meeting room supplies. Green venues often come equipped with the infrastructure to support environmentally responsible events. 

Digitise your event: Savouring sustainability 

One of the simplest ways to reduce your event’s environmental impact is to go digital. Replace traditional paper invitations, schedules, signs and brochures with digital alternatives. The East Midlands Conference Centre has screens in every room and a media wall in reception so you can brand the venue as you like with no need to print anything out. 

Create a dedicated event website or mobile app that provides all necessary information, from schedules to speakers’ bios. Not only does this minimise waste, but also enhances accessibility for attendees. 

Mindful Catering: Savouring Sustainability 

Food and beverage choices at events can significantly contribute to their overall environmental impact. We use lots of local suppliers and seasonal produce when we can to support nearby businesses and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Consider offering vegetarian or vegan options, as plant-based diets are generally more environmentally friendly. Additionally, all of our venues minimise the use of single-use plastics and encourage the use of compostable or recyclable materials. 

Waste management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Implementing an effective waste management system is integral to sustainable event planning. Clearly labelled recycling and compost bins can encourage attendees to dispose of waste responsibly. Minimising single-use items wherever possible and exploring options for reusing materials from one event to the next. All our meeting rooms are equipped with pencils, pads and products that are made from recycled materials. We encourage delegates to only use what they need by placing all supplies in the middle of the tables.

Green transportation: Encouraging sustainable travel

Consider the environmental impact of attendees travelling to your event. At Nottingham Venues we have lots of public transport options from trams to buses and trains. If feasible, provide incentives for car sharing and reward attendees who choose eco-friendly transportation options. Partner with local transportation services that can help get a big group to your event. 

Energy efficiency: Powering your event responsibly

Events often require significant energy resources. Opt for energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and explore renewable energy sources if possible. Work with suppliers who share your commitment to sustainability (we have a recommended list to help) and inquire about their eco-friendly practices. 

Educate and inspire: Spreading the green message 

Across all our venues we have messaging that informs delegates of our sustainability efforts and information that can be found on our website, outlining what we are currently doing. Take advantage of the platform your event provides to educate attendees about sustainability. Encourage exhibitors to showcase sustainable products and services. Foster a sense of responsibility among participants, inspiring them to incorporate environmentally conscious practices into their daily lives.

Conclusion: Sowing seeds for a sustainable future

Eco-friendly events are not just a trend; they are a responsibility we bear for the health of our planet. By embracing sustainable practices in event planning, we can reduce our ecological footprint while setting an example for others to follow. Let’s prioritise the environment in every event we organise, cultivating a culture of sustainability that will benefit generations to come. 

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