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Why opt to hire a meeting room?

Booking a meeting room off-site can be a strategic decision for many businesses. Here are some of the main reasons leaders may choose to hire a space for a few hours, or even days:

Lack of space: a business may have some meeting room facilities on-site, but they may not be large enough for gatherings involving multiple teams, or for client visits. Meeting rooms in a shared office space may also get booked up quickly. 

Change of scenery: the novelty of breaking away from the usual office environment can spark creativity and fresh ideas, and can be particularly effective in brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings, or team-building exercises, where innovative thinking and collaboration are essential. 

Fewer distractions: off-site meetings can be enhanced focus and productivity. A typical office is filled with so many distractions, so having a dedicated meeting space gives teams a chance to concentrate on the task at hand without the usual interruptions. 

Team bonding: a change of setting can foster better relationships among colleagues and enhance team dynamics. At Nottingham Venues, we have plenty to do on-site and are just a short journey away from the city centre where attractions are aplenty! 

Neutrality: for meetings involving multiple parties or sensitive discussions, a neutral location can be beneficial. 

Logistics: if teams are geographically dispersed, choosing a central location (such as Nottingham) that is easily accessible to all participants can save travel time and reduce the logistical complexities of gathering everyone in one place. The same apples if a business is looking to meet a client; if one is located up north, and one is south, it may make sense to book a neutral location in the middle. 

Once the purpose of the meeting is understood (the why), it’s time for managers to discuss the where. Being in the heart of the Midlands, with plenty to see and do, Nottingham is an attractive choice when deciding where to book an off-site meeting venue. Here are a few considerations to take into account:


Nottingham is a well-connected city, with major roadways, transport options, and even an airport nearby, making it the ideal setting for an important meeting or team building day. If the majority of people are driving, it’s also important to consider how easy and affordable parking will be- especially if looking at a city centre location. 

Nottingham Venues, in the tranquil setting of the University of Nottingham campus, offers free parking, with the addition of 8 electric charging points at its Orchard Hotel. Located just 3 miles outside the vibrant city, those making travel arrangements can easily hop on a tram (just outside the university campus), or the Orange line 34 bus, which stops on campus.

Room size and capacity 

Choose a space that comfortably accommodates attendees without feeling cramped. By contrast, a space too big can feel impersonal. At Nottingham Venues, we have 24 flexible meeting rooms spread across three properties. To see a full list of rooms, locations, max numbers and layouts, visit our dedicated meetings page.

Facilities and equipment 

Once the purpose of the meeting has been established, it’ll be easier to know what will be needed in the room to facilitate it. High-speed Wi-Fi is a given these days, but what else might a business need? Equipment may include projectors, screens, whiteboards, flipcharts, printers and video conferencing capabilities. 

Cost and amenities 

While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, it’s certainly an important consideration. Keep in mind:

  • Hourly vs daily rates 
  • Package deals
  • Hidden costs 
  • Seasonal variations 

Some amenities may be included within the cost, and some may be extra (i.e. catering and equipment hire), so be sure to ask. 

We offer buffet or in-room lunch options which you can pre-order of select from our bar menu on the day. Our Worcester suite and Discover suite (which can host 50 and 40 guests respectively) share an outdoor space, giving organisers the option to have their meeting outside during the summer months.

Overnight accommodation 

For meetings that span multiple days or for attendees travelling from afar, on-site or nearby accommodation can be highly convenient. When on-site the added advantage is that there are no extra travel costs involved. 

Our hotels provide a tranquil environment for business professional to stay, outside of the hustle and bustle of the centre of Nottingham. In the midst of 330 acres of green space, we have two hotels, The Orchard and The Jubilee Hotel, both built with sustainability in mind. 

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