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Our Sustainability

Sustainability in mind

We can’t live wastefully much longer, think sustainable to make our future stronger. 

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We are committed to doing our bit for the environment

At Nottingham Venues, everything we do has sustainability in mind. From how our buildings operate, to how we manage food waste and from how we set up meeting rooms to how we provide information to our customers.

Both of our hotels were built with sustainability at the forefront, with The Orchard Hotel winning “Best sustainable Venue” at the CHS awards in both 2017 and 2019.

We are also incredibly lucky to be located within the beautiful grounds of University of Nottingham, who are committed to environmental sustainability through research, teaching, campus activity, investments and work with partners both locally and globally. For more information, visit the University’s Sustainability page.

However, we know that there is always more to be done and we are constantly working to improve our green credentials. We have recently set up our own internal “Green team” with representatives across the business, who are working on accreditations and action plans to get us where we want to be.

Read our full sustainability document here:

What we're already doing


  • Located on the University of Nottingham Campus which is situated in 330 acres of green space. The university has always been recognised as one of the best and most attractive university campuses in the UK. With a special emphasis on environmental sustainability, supporting the City of Nottingham’s desire to be a net zero carbon city by 2028
  • The main parkland has components of: rolling grassland, individual and clumped trees, shrub groups, water features, ‘wild areas’ to encourage biodiversity and different plant species from around the world
  • Jubilee Conference Centre is located on the Jubilee campus, which is based around three lakes that were designed and is maintained with emphasis on wildlife conservation 
  • Utilising a variety of organic gardening practices to manage our grounds and gardens to encourage biodiversity 
  • The university campuses have been awarded the green flag award


  • The Orchard Hotel is rated BREEAM excellent. With biodiverse green roof gardens to increase heat retention 
  • Both hotels have energy efficient lamp sources with absence detection and other efficiency measures 
  • The Orchards bedroom wings are orientated to face north and south to allow easier control of sunlight and encourage natural light. Including 60 square metres of photovoltaic panels 
  • Meeting rooms and bedrooms are equipped with a variable supply of extract air systems. The energy that is used within each space is minimised when the space is empty or minimally occupied
  • Air handling units (AHUs) using high efficacy thermal wheel to recuperate heat


  • All the food waste we produce is converted into energy via our waste suppliers
  • We offer seasonal food from sustainable sources
  • Chef’s herb garden used daily
  • Sustainable water taps located in the hotel lobbies for guests to refill their water bottles


  • Electric charging for anyone with an electric vehicle 
  • Encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from events 
  • A tram link into campus and to the city centre 

How you can help


We would recommend jumping on a train, tram, coach or car share when attending an event.

 Save energy 

Remember to turn off any electrical equipment especially lights and TV’s when leaving a meeting room or bedroom. 

 Food waste

Enjoying one of our delicious buffets? We kindly ask that you only plate up what you will eat and come back for more after. 

 Paper Waste

Although we offer complimentary pads and pens in our meeting rooms, if you don’t really need it resist the urge to doodle and leave it for the next guest.

 Virtual Tours

We have virtual tours for each of our venues which saves you time travelling to our locations for a show around. Not to mention it reduces the amount of pollution in the atmosphere! 

 Plastic Waste

We have water stations where you can refill your water bottle for free. We only use re-usable or recyclable cutlery, cups and serving plates.

 Enjoy the campus

Our location is very unique and peaceful! Instead of driving somewhere, why don’t you enjoy one of our active trails or parks. Take a walk in your breaks, nothing beats a bit of fresh air!

Our Accreditations

Business Masters Awards Badge

East Midlands, Business Masters Awards 2022

Sustainability Winner

Eco Smart Badge

Greengage Eco Smart 2022

Silver Venue Award

Breeam Excellent Badge

BREEAM Excellent

The Orchard Hotel & Restaurant is rated BREEAM excellent.